Facebook Pixel is a statistical analysis tool that measures, optimizes and creates audiences for your advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Thanks to the Facebook pixel, you will be able to quantify the results of your Facebook advertising campaigns in relation to the sale of your tickets on our platform.

On Facebook

Create a Facebook Pixel

1. Go to your Pixels tab in the Ad Manager.
2. Click Create Pixel.

3. Name your pixel. You can only have one pixel per advertising account. So choose a name that represents your business.
4. Check the box to accept the conditions.
5. Click Create Pixel.

On Thepointofsale.com

Add the Identifier of a Facebook pixel on Thepointofsale.com

1. Once connected to our management tool, select the event of your choice and click on the Reports tab.

2. Enter your ID in the Web Analytics Services corresponding section (Conversion-Tracking Pixel for Facebook).

3. Choose in between All Pages or Confirmation page only to generate relevant statistics related to your goals.

The data collected using your Facebook pixel will help you to:

  • Capture the attention of the right people. More information about this here
  • Optimize your conversion rate. More information about this here
  • Analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns. More information about this here

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