Intellectual property is an aspect that is often overlooked during live streaming. However, as an Event Organizer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the rights to the content presented in your virtual events. To consult our Terms of use, simply go to the management tool under the Organization module.

The legal firm ROBIC has created three tables to illustrate media distribution. Their research is comprehensive and is aimed at Canadians. We strongly recommend that you consult it to ensure that you comply with intellectual property laws. Use these tables to help you better understand the issues and responsibilities you have as a virtual event organizer.

Here is Google's article on intellectual property on its platforms, therefore directly addressing those using Google Meet and Youtube.

Here are all of Facebook's rules on intellectual property when you post on their platform.

For more information on intellectual property on Skype, see their terms of use.

Here is an article on the rules surrounding intellectual property on Twitch.

To learn more about the specific rules for Zoom's platform, see their terms of use.

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