In order to comply with local law regarding social distancing rules and ensure your customers' safety while easing their mind, you may mark seats as "Disabled by social distancing rules".

These seats will be represented with stripes, and the tooltip will indicate the reason why they are disabled, which also reassures ticket buyers no one else can take the seats around them, promising social distancing.

How to apply social distancing rules

1. Find the seat map you want to apply social distancing rules to under Venues > Seat Maps in the Event manager.

2. Click on the arrow of the selected seat map to make the option appear. Click Duplicate.

3. Rename the seat map by adding Social Distancing to it.

Ex. "Room 200" would become "Room 200 - Social Distancing"

4. If your chart contains Sections, double click a section to enter it first.

5. Switch to the Select seats tool by clicking on its icon or using the hotkey X.

6. Shift + Click to select multiple seats, and then click Disabled by social distancing rules to disable those seats, denoting the space between seats.

** Pro-tip **

When most seats should be disabled:

If most seats should be disabled in your venue, it will be faster to:

1. Click and drag to select all seats, and mark them as Disabled by social distancing rules.

2. Proceed to select the seats that should be available, and uncheck the Disabled by social distancing rules checkbox.

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