First of all, to put a video on demand on our platform, you must use Vimeo PRO, Business, or Premium.

The following procedure is to embed a video on our viewing page. This is not guaranteed the only way to have video on demand online on our platform. However, this is the way recommended by to ensure you benefit from our secure services.

From your Vimeo account,

1- Click on + New Video;

2- Drag and drop your video file to this location.

3- Under Privacy, choose Hide this video from Vimeo. This option ensures that an individual cannot take and share your streaming link.

4- Enter the relevant information and click Save.

5- In the next page (the page for your event on Vimeo), click on the Embed tab at the top left of the page.

6- Under Embed privacy, you must choose Specific domains and in the section that appears just below, enter and and click the + sign.

** Important to enter both! **

This step ensures that an individual cannot "steal" your video and put it on another website (to make it accessible to several individuals who have not purchased a pass). Only people with a (or link will be able to access your event.

6.1 - We recommend that you select the following parameters under Controls (Playbar, Volume, Fullscreen) and deselect everything else. These are options that optimize the customer's experience.

7- Back in the Event tab, copy the link under Link.

8- Back in the event manager tool, select your event in My Events and paste the link you have just copied under Video Link.

9- Under Viewing option, choose Embed video on the secured viewing page.

10- Still under the Location section, decide :

  • Display attendee count. If this option is selected, a counter will appear in the left corner of your video indicating how many people are watching your video. Most organizers offering VODs prefer to remove this option.
  • Display live chat. This option will add the chat area to your event. This allows your viewers to interact with other viewers. However different users will not watch the video at the same time, so there is a strong possibility that the chat can reveal spoilers. Most VODs prefer to remove this option for this reason.
  • Page expiry. Very important for VOD! The start date of your event will determine when buyers can start viewing your video, but the expiration of the page will determine the period during which the video will be available.

Example: The start date of my event is August 1 at 10:00 am. A buyer will have from August 1 at 10:00 am to August 8 at 10:00 am to watch my video regardless of the date on which they obtain a viewing link. After this period, the viewing page will no longer be valid and the client will see this message by clicking on its link.

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