1. Send a JPG or PDF version of the venue’s seating plan to info@thepointofsale.com indicating the name of the venue and the total number of seats. Our team of programmers will add the seating plan to your account within two working days.

2. Create your event as though you were creating a general admission event, until you reach the “Rates” tab. 

3. In the “Rates” tab, under the minimum and maximum quantities, you will see a label that says “Seating Assignment”. You may now choose “Reserved Seating”. 

4. In the “Reserved Seating” tab, select the seats that you would like to make available at each rate. You may select more than one rate per seat. You can select an entire section of seats by clicking on the name of the section. An entire row may be selected by clicking on the title of the row. You may also select seats individually. 

5. Unselected seats will not be made available for purchase. You may add seats at any time during the sale of tickets. By doing so, you will modify your total capacity. Seats that have been purchased will appear in yellow and available seats will appear in dark red. The light red seats are those that are not available for purchase. 

6. Click on “Save”.

7. Continue to fill out the tabs for your event as usual. 

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