An event group allows you to group events together according to different criteria, like the date and programming season. You may group together different editions or performances of the same event, or various events within a tour. An event group is useful for both your sales reports and your widget. There are two possible ways of creating an event group, either through an event’s “Reports” tab or through the “Event Groups” feature located in the “Events” section. 


Through “Event Groups”

  1. Click on “Events”, then “Event Groups”.
  2. Click on “+ Create Group”.
  3. Choose the type of event group:

Group together events that are held on the same date.

Group together events that are part of the same edition, for example the 9th edition of a festival.

Group together performances/occurrences of a single concert/event/conference.

Group together events held during the same programming season.

Group together events that are part of a tour.

4. Select the languages that the events are held in.

5. Enter the name of the event group. Only you will be able to see it, in your reports. 

6. Enter a custom URL if you wish to group your events together on a single page. Using your event’s name in the address will allow for better indexing by search engines. The URL may only contain letters, numbers or hyphens. 

7. Check the boxes next to all of the events that you wish to group together in your event group. 

8. Click the “Save” button.

9. If you create other events after creating the event group, you can add them to the group by clicking on “Modify” in the “Event Groups” main page.

After your sales have started, you can download your event group’s sales report in the “Event Groups” section by clicking on the arrow to the right of your event group. You may choose the elements that you wish to find in your report, display the report, download it and print it. 

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