Various reasons may cause an event to be cancelled, even after ticket sales have begun. If this happens, follow these steps:

  1. Contact’s team by phone or email to notify them of the situation. 
  2. Decide whether you would like to refund ticket holders right away or if the event will be rescheduled. 
  3. Prepare an email for those who have purchased tickets notifying them that the event has been cancelled. You may send it from your usual email address or ask’s team to send it for you. 
  4. will refund buyers for their tickets as soon as you authorize us to do so. No matter what, the ticketing fees will not be refunded. It is possible for us to refund ticketing fees to you as the event organizer. You will then be invoiced for the amount refunded. If you added a producer fee to your ticket price, let’s team know whether or not it is refundable. 
  5. Add the word “Cancelled” to the event title. Do not cancel the event! If you do, you will lose all of the buyers’ information. Make sure that your event is offline. 
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