The Apple ID is the account that allows you to access Apple services. On this account are registered your email address and your password as well as all the information concerning your contacts, your payments and the security of the account.

For Linea Pro users (even more if you're a long-term user), it is important to create your own login for a few reasons. Especially:

  • To make sure you always have the latest updates. Using your own login, you will be able to modify the settings allowing you to update your applications easily.

  • Link your different Apple devices to a single account. If you have more than one Apple device, using a single ID will allow you to view and manage from one account and one password.

  • uses dual factor authentication. This means that if you want to update the device, you will not only need our password (that can't be shared) but also the code sent to other devices under the same ID. By putting your own Apple ID, you will be autonomous in the management of updates.

How to Create an Apple ID

IMPORTANT: If the device is under the ID, you must go to the device settings, click on the ID, then scroll down and click logout.

1. Open the App Store

2. and Click on the User icon.

3. Click on "Create Apple ID"

4. Enter your email address and password, and select the country or region corresponding to the billing address for your method of payment. The email address you provide will be your new Apple ID.

5. Read the Terms and Conditions and the Apple Privacy Statement, then click "I accept the terms and conditions". Click Next.

6. Enter your name, date of birth, billing, and credit card information, and click Next. You can also select None.

7. Check your phone number. It can confirm your identity and recover your account if (when) needed. Click Next.

8. Check your email to find the verification message sent by Apple and follow the steps required to confirm your email address.

After confirming your email address, you can sign in to the iTunes Store, the App Store, and other Apple services like iCloud using your Apple ID.

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