Our partner Protect Group offers a contingency protection product for event organizers called Event Protect. This means that in the event of something unexpected happening covered by Event Protect and forcing to cancel your event, the company will refund your buyers for you!
And we know that with events, there's always unforeseen!

If you take the product, 2.5% of the ticket price will be added to the ticketing fee that buyers pay.
The product is optional. To add it to your event, simply reach out to your Event Advisor!

Here are some examples of cancellation reasons covered by Event Protect (subject to reservation) *

  1. Adverse weather conditions for indoor events

  2. Adverse weather conditions for outdoor events

  3. Cover for transport delays

  4. Key supplier failure

  5. Any major incident deemed a health & safety risk

  6. Mechanical failure or breakdown of key equipment

  7. Malicious damage - burglary

  8. National Disasters causing a state of emergency

  9. Unknown works being carried out by builders or contractors at the venue which renders it or its facilities unusable

  10. Cancellation or revocation of Licence or closure of event for health & safety by local authority

  11. Cyber attack on Venue that causes an abandonment or cancellation

In case of cancellation covered by Event Protect, your customers will have 30 days to fill out a form, available online, and receive their refund. A series of three emails will be sent to them with the link to the form and the information they will need.

To learn more about Event Protect, check out their website 

Already know you want to add Event Protect to your event(s)?
Communicate with your Event Advisor today! 

*To make sure you are covered by the Event Protect product, contact them directly at hello@eventprotect.co 

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