What is our offer?

  • Use RFID wristbands with Thepointofsale.com colors for your event;

  • No deposit or invoice needed prior to the event;

  • Only use the wristbands you need. No need to pay for unused passes!

Why Try RFID Wristbands?

  • Speed. Validate more passes in less time thanks to RFID technology where you simply "touch" the pass to validate it.

  • Security. The wristbands can hardly be exchanged between people. Not to mention that RFID chips are extremely difficult to hack.

  • Simplicity. No phone manipulation. No printing. No damaged ticket. Customers carry their pass with them.

  • Durability. The bracelets are perfect for multi-day, outdoor, and sporting events. In short, events that can benefit from resistant passes whatever the temperature or the treatment they receive!

What are the terms of the offer?

  • The ticketing fees for this rate will be increased to $ 1.50 to cover the cost of the wristbands. All of this paid for by the client.

  • Mailing must be activated on your event as we will have to send the passes to customers. Thepointofsale.com will take care of the shipping and the customers pay for the delivery.

  • The rental of scanners will be necessary for the validation of the passes and the association of the orders to RFID wristbands. Talk to your Event Advisor for all the details of the rental conditions and to estimate what you will need.

  • The use of our transactional box office will be mandatory to sell your wristbands on site. The box office will make your life easy since you can associate the wristbands with new orders created in a few seconds.

  • Return the wristbands that were not used after your event to never have to pay for unused wristbands!

We suggest: 

  • Presence of a supervisor on site. Take advantage of the expertise of one of our team members who can supervise your box office onsite and help you optimize the access management process.

  • Your personalized RFID bracelets. We can create RFID bracelets with your logo and design for a wristband as colorful as your event!

  • Your personalized mailing boxes. We can also help you create mailing boxes that reflect your brand, not only to ensure that everything arrives to the customers in one piece, but also that everything travels in style.

Click on the chat icon at the bottom right of this page to speak with one of our team member. You can also directly communicate with your Event Advisor for more details. 

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