Generate additional income by referring clients to services.

How to?

  • Log into the console and click Accounts > Organizations

  • In the Account Settings section, you will find the sharing link under "Affiliate Program Link"

  • Share this link with people interested in our services. If this person opens the link and creates an account within 24 hours, you will receive commissions on the events that this new organization will create.

How do the commissions work?

The commissions are equal to 25% of the ticketing fee (before taxes) of the new customer's events. This excludes other fees (transaction fee, Event Protect, etc.) which may, in some special cases, be included in ticketing fees.

Let’s illustrate this with an example:
Martin shares his affiliate program link with Yannick.
Yannick clicks on the link, and after exploring our services, decides to create an account before the 24 hours expire.
Yannick has created his first event: a dance event where tickets are priced at $ 10 with a ticketing fee of $ 0.99 plus taxes.
Yannick's event was last week and a grand total of 100 tickets have been sold online for his event.
Following his event, Martin receives his commissions, the total of which is calculated as follows:

  • number of tickets sold online x (ticketing costs x 25%) 

  • 100 x (0.99 x 25%)

An amount of $ 24.75 will therefore be given to Martin for sharing the link.
And this is only the beginning! Martin will be able to take advantage of commissions on all the events that Yannick will organize!
Easy money!

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