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What is "Worry-Free Refund"?

When the uncertainty of a situation can adversely affect sales, Worry-Free Refund is a selling-point policy that could make several consumers feel more at ease to purchase tickets for your event.

With the Worry-Free Refund initiative, you will ease your customers' fears and drive them to purchase, thanks to a policy that guarantees them a refund on demand and without question. In short, whatever the situation, the buyers will have peace of mind because they will get a refund if necessary. ✌

Organizations that participate in the movement will benefit from increased visibility on the various Thepointofsale.com platforms.

How to put "Worry-Free Refund" on your events?

On all your events

If you want to activate this option on all your events.

  • In Accounts, click Organizations.

  • Go to the section called Refund & Exchange Policy.

  • At the end of the Worry-Free Refund line, click the icon.

  • By default, the system will show May 31st, 2020 as the "until" date. You can change this for a later date.

On a single event

To activate Worry-Free Refund on a single event. Or, if you have enabled it on your entire account, and want to deactivate it for one event only.

  • In Events, select My Events and select the event you want the Worry-Free Refund policy on.

  • Under the Details tab, you need to click on Advanced Options at the bottom of the page.

  • Under the section called Refund & Exchange Policy, click the icon at the end of the Worry-Free Refund line.

  • You can then enter the desired date.

What Does It Look Like on the Website?

What Are the Conditions? 

1. For any reason that the customer deems justified and within the prescribed period, the customer may cancel his purchase and obtain a refund from the organizer.

2. The application period varies from one event to another. Check the specific conditions in the refund policy section of the event for which you wish to buy passes.

3. To cancel their purchase and obtain a refund, the customer must notify Thepoinofsale.com.com by filling in the refund form. It is possible to contact Thepointofsale.com directly by email at info@thepointofsale.com for assistance.

4. Any request for reimbursement that is incomplete, or concluded after the prescribed period will be considered null, inoperative, and invalid.

5. Note that for any reimbursement, the service fees and delivery costs are in no case refundable.

6. For any valid cancellation, the customer will be reimbursed directly on their credit card. The value of this refund will be equal to the amount of the purchase minus the service fees and shipping costs when applicable.

7. All other Terms of Use and Purchasing Policy of Thepointofsale.com apply to this promotion.

8. No matter the circumstances, if an event has to be canceled, the customer will be reimbursed.

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