Using Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster is a free application specializing in live streaming. If you are using your mobile device for your virtual event, Larix Broadcaster will facilitate the integration of settings to allow the live broadcast of your virtual event.

1- Download Larix Broadcaster: 

2- Make sure to allow the app access to the camera, microphone, and files of your mobile device.
3- Open Larix Broadcaster App and click on the settings icon;
4- Click on Connections;
5- Click on New connection;

6- Fill the Name field with your virtual event's name and the URL field with the URL provided in the SRT section of the Streaming tab (event manager);
**Make sure to copy the line in the SRT section, not the RTMP. 

7- Click on Save at the bottom of the page;

If you have an Android phone, follow the procedure below. Otherwise, go further below for the procedure for Apple devices.

8- Back to the Settings page, click on Video;

9- Here are our recommendations if you use as the streaming provider of your virtual event. If this is not the case, find out more about the best settings to put in according to your provider:

  • Under Video size : 1280x720

  • Under FPS : 30 fixed rate

  • Under Bitrate : 4000 kpbs

10- Back to the Settings, page click on Audio;

11- Here are our recommendations if you are using as a streaming provider: 

  • Unless you know audio well, keep it on Auto

  • Under Channel Count, keep Mono to make sure the sound always comes from the same place rather than from the sides. 

If you are using an Apple device, here is the procedure:

8 - Apple - Go to your device Settings and under App, find Larix;

9 - Apple - Here are our recommendations if you use as the streaming provider of your virtual event. If this is not the case, ask about the best setting to boradcast according to your provinder. Click Video and enter the following settings:

  • Under Resolution: 1280x720

  • Under Frame rate: 30 fixed rate

  • Under Bitrate: 4000 kpbs

10 - Apple - Back in the Settings page, click on Audio;
11 - Apple - Here are our recommendations if you use as your provider:

  • Unless you have a good knowledge of audio, keep Auto.

  • Under Channel Count, keep Mono to make sure the sound is even and comes from the same point rather than from the sides

** Before starting your test, be aware that once the preview has started, you will no longer be able to change the video quality.**

12- Back in your event's Streaming tab in the Event Manager, click on Start under number 1 to start the preview test. 


Every time you start and stop the server, a new SRT URL will be created. It is essential that you change this data in Larix or your viewers will not be able to see your event.

13- With your mobile device, all is left to do is go back to the home screen to start your test by pressing the round red button. If you are testing well in advance of your event, you may need to repeat this step. Be mindful of this and make sure to test your connexion a few minutes ahead of your event.
** Connection may take several seconds to complete. If you receive an error message, press the record button, wait a few seconds and press the record button again.**

You will be able to see a preview of your image. If sound and image are not to your liking on there, it won't be during your event. It is time to explore how to optimize your streaming video which start with :

14- If the tests went well, back to the Streaming tab of your event (Event Manager), click on Go live! a little bit before the time set on your event to begin streaming! (Your buyers will only be able to see you from the time chosen for the event to start.)

Be aware that there is often a 5 seconds delay between what you broadcast and what your viewers see. Something to take into account so as not to start too abruptely. We recommend that you take your time before getting started, perhaps a musical introduction!?

15. Click on End the event when your event is over. 

16. Made a mistake? Click on End the event too soon? Need to quickly change your streaming device? Click on Start over to start the process from the beginning. 

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