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How to Broadcast a Pre-recorded Video Using OBS Studio
How to Broadcast a Pre-recorded Video Using OBS Studio

You want your virtual event to be broadcast live, but the video itself to be pre-recorded? No problem!

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1 - Create a new scene by clicking the plus button on the lower left of your OBS Studio page. (Under the section entitled Scenes)
Name it as you wish, only you will be able to see this.

Think of scenes in OBS like windows or views. You can switch in between them to change what your viewers will see. Only one scene can be viewed at a time.

2 - Add a source to your scene. Select Media Source and then the right file. You need to make sure the right scene is selected to associate the video you will be broadcasting to the scene chosen.

3 - Proceed as you would for any other virtual event with the exception that you will switch in between scenes for a better experience for your viewers. Select the scene with your pre-recorded video to make it start.

** Pro tip **

Experiment a bit and see for yourself how it works!

Never wait until your event is about to start. Make sure you know how to do things ahead of time!

Did you know?

Scenes are also the best way to cut in between your content and create "buffer" periods before and after your event.

BEFORE: Give your latecomers a little time to get to the viewing page and others to chat a little. Create a countdown video (of the duration you want) before the beginning of your video. It's a great time to introduce your partners (if you have them) and create an atmosphere that reflects the individual nature of your event!

AFTER: Leave some time for your customers who have pressed pause during the broadcast to finish the video by adding a short video at the end of your video. It can be a logo, a still image, an advertisement or a pre-recorded video. In addition, it will let your customers share their impression on your content once it's over.

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