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How to Share Your Screen Using OBS Studio
How to Share Your Screen Using OBS Studio

Screen capture and sharing during your virtual event

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Share your screen (window or full screen)

Sharing your screen is simple with the software OBS Studio.

1- In the Sources section, click on the +

2- Choose between "Display capture" and "Window capture"

What is the difference between a display and a window capture?

By selecting the display, your entire screen will be shared with your buyers. If you have more than one screen, you will have the option to choose in between them.

By selecting the window capture, only that specific window content will be shared. Note that it will be much easier for you to add a window if it is already open.

Associate a source to a scene

Although you can navigate between sources directly in this section, we strongly recommend that you use the scenes for better rendering as well as ease during your event.

A scene makes it possible to associate a source, whether visual or auditory, with a precise "scene". You can thus switch from a still image intro with music, to your webcam, to a screen sharing to finish with a pre-recorded advertisement of a partner. All this with just one click.

1 - Create a new scene by clicking the plus button on the lower left of your OBS Studio page. (Under the section entitled Scenes)
Name it as you wish, only you will be able to see this.

2 - Add a source to your scene. Select Media Source and then the right file. You need to make sure the right scene is selected to associate the video you will be broadcasting to the scene chosen.

3 - Proceed as you would for any other virtual event with the exception that you will switch in between scenes for a better experience for your viewers and yourself!

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