How does zone validation work?

Your event is created, the zones have been configured and it's time for the big day. Follow the steps below to successfully complete the zone validation for your event.

1. Open's validation app on your device.

2. Enter your user's login information on the home page.

3. In the left-hand menu, click on the Zone Validation module.

4. From the list of manifests that appear on the screen, select the one for your event. You may only have one manifest available if this is your only event with zone validation.

5. Select the zone of the site to which you wish to validate access.

6. Select the gate of the zone where you want to validate access.

7. Validate as usual according to your preference: with the camera, with the laser or manually.

Exit Mode

If you need to validate the exits of a zone, please follow the previous procedure (steps 1 to 6), and before starting the validations, click on Options, then activate Exit Mode. You are now ready to validate participants' exits.


You must not validate from the My Events module if you have created a zone manifest, as all the programming done prior to your event would become useless.

What devices can I use to validate access by zone?

Currently, only Famocos have the version of the validation app with the zone validation module. Please contact your event advisor if you require one or more of these devices for your event with access by zone.

Please note: We are currently developing the Android version, which will be available in mid-June, and the iOS version will follow a few days later. Your event advisor will notify you once these devices have access to this new module.

Questions? Contact your event advisor or write to our team at and we will help you as soon as possible.

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