This feature allows you to create ad campaigns that will be visible on our website.  Your ad will be put in rotation on’s homepage and in the upper right-hand corner of our event pages. It will be viewed by ticket buyers visiting our site, where 1,250,000 pages are viewed each month on average. You can choose the length of your campaign, its geographical reach and, of course, establish your own budget and modify the parameters of your campaign at any time. Statistics will allow you to measure your ad’s effectiveness and reach. 

Important! If you use AdBlock or any other ad blocker, you must deactivate it in order to use this feature. It is the only section in your Events Manager that requires deactivating your ad blocker.

1. In the “Marketing” section, click on “Ads”.

2. Click on “+ Create Ad”.

3. Fill in the information for the ad. 

4. Select the event for which you wish to create an ad.

5. Enter the start and end date for the online campaign; if applicable, set the radius for geo targeting (geo targeting allows you to limit the display of ads to visitors whose IP addresses are located within a specific geographic region). 

6. Set a budget for your campaign.

7. Add a banner. Before uploading it, make sure that it is 

  • 500×281 pixels

  • a photo of the artist or an image that allows you to identify your event at a glance.

  • Also, from now on you won’t need to add your event info (dates, times, artist,etc) as they’ll be automatically added to the lower portion of your banner ad. This being said, it’s important to use a visual that is more focused on the upper part of your image.

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