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How to Embed Our Shopping Cart to Your Website
How to Embed Our Shopping Cart to Your Website

Embed a button "Buy tickets" on your website, sell tickets on your website without redirecting people on

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Sell Tickets Directly on Your Website

It is possible to do so thanks to our shopping cart, which can easily be embedded to your website. The shopping cart is an interesting alternative to the widget. It allows buyers to shop throughout your website and, when they’ve finished, they only need to make one final transaction thanks to the "buy now" button(s).

Here is an example: 

The shopping cart allows you to add a simple “Add to Cart” button to your website so that visitors may purchase tickets for your event. You may classify your tickets rates according to the way that you would like them to be presented on the website. By clicking on the button, a pop-up window will appear, allowing buyers to place their order without leaving your site. 

How to embed our shopping cart plugin

1. Enter the following script at the bottom of the page, before the closing the <body> tag. 

<script src=""></script>

2. The may be used to set a color other than the default one (red).

<script src=""></script>

3. You may activate the dark scheme so that the contrast is less pronounced when the pop-up window is displayed. 

<script src=""></script>

4. Is your site bilingual? Select your cart’s language for the current page. 

<script src=""></script>

More than one parameter?

Simply add "&amp;" in between them!

<script src=";lang=en"></script>


Once the script is in place, here is the code to be included on your page in order to display the “Add to Cart” button. The text on the button may be changed. 

<button type="button" class="tpos-add-to-cart" data-tpos-event="{EVENT}">Achat en ligne</button>

Important! Add Your Event Number

Remplace the {EVENT} value by your event number. The event number can be found in the address bar when you are in your event’s “Rates” tab. 

Multiples Rates

If your event has several ticket rates and you wish to display only one of them in the pop-up window, you may add the “data-tpos-rates” attribute to your button. The rate number can be found in brackets next to each rate in the “Rates” tab of your event. 

<button type="button" class="tpos-add-to-cart" data-tpos-event="{EVENT}" data-tpos-rates="{RATE}">Achat en ligne</button>

If you would like to display several rates, indicate all of the desired rate numbers, separated by a comma, as seen below: 

<button type="button" class="tpos-add-to-cart" data-tpos-event="{EVENT}" data-tpos-rates="{RATE1},{RATE2},{RATE3}">Achat en ligne</button>

Events Group

If you would like to display all of the events in an event group, rather than a single event, use the “data-tpos-group” attribute, as seen below: 

<button type="button" class="tpos-add-to-cart" data-tpos-group="{GROUP}">Achat en ligne</button>

The {GROUP} value must be replaced by your event group’s numerical identifier. 

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