FAQ Ticket Purchases

All you Need to Know About the Ticket Purchase Process

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Logo thepointofsale.com

How to Use Our Logo

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Programming an Event

A to Z on Making an Event, Details on All the Tabs

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Publishing an event

Where and How to Display Your Event: Purchase window, shopping cart, Wordpress, Facebook, and More

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Virtual Events

How to set up your paid streaming event, OBS Studio, Larix Broadcaster, troubleshooting and best practices.

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Validation App

How to Use the Different Validation Tools & Troubleshooting During Validation

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Learn About Printing Ticket and Badges, and Tickets Related Situations

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Learn About Merchant Account, Orders, and Reports

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Events Manager

Learn More About the Many Tools Available to You in the Events Manager

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Marketing & Promotions

Learn How to Drive More Buyers to Your Events with Promotions and Ads

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Advice to Organizers

Find here advice and practical tips to help you manage your events.

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Merchant Account

Merchant accounts available on the platform, how to integrate them, and several tips.

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