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When designing your posters/flyers (or any other visual for the web or print), it may be wise to add our logo to indicate where your tickets are available for sale.


The name of our company (Thepointofsale.com), an illustration (ticket), and the mention "Embedded ticketing" are the three elements that make up our logo and must always be displayed when used for promotional purposes.


When you use our logo in combination with other graphic elements, make sure it's readable and surrounded by a free space equivalent to half of its height. In the example below, this area is represented visually by a gray rectangle:


Not to do:

  • Change logo colors

  • Rotate the logo or change its orientation

  • Add effects (drop shadow, outline, etc.) to the logo

  • Edit / delete / move one or more logo elements


The name of our company is Thepointofsale.com

✅ Thepointofsale.com

❌The Point of Sale
❌Point of Sale
❌the point of sale

There is no www in front of the url thepointofsale.com


✅Tickets on sale at Thepointofsale.com

❌Tickets available online via www.thepointofsale.com

For consistency, here is the wording suggested when you announce that your tickets are on sale on our platform:

✅Tickets on sale at Thepointofsale.com

❌Tickets for sale at Thepointofsale.com
❌Tickets on sale on Thepointofsale.com

Inside this file, you will find 4 versions of our logo:

  • Logo in colours to use on a white background

  • Logo in colours to use on black background

  • Black logo to use on white background

  • White logo to use on black background

If the logo is applied to a background colour other than white or black, the colour must provide sufficient contrast so that the legibility of the logo is optimal.

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