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What is Google Analytics Tracking Code?
What is Google Analytics Tracking Code?

How to link the information collected on our site, your shopping cart and your widget to Google Analytics.

Written by Émilie Lavoie
Updated over a week ago

The Analytics tracking code is a snippet of JavaScript code that collects data from a website, and sends it to the Google Analytics platform.

When added to your account, this code allows you to collect and analyze all sorts of relevant statistics related to your events and the sale of your tickets.

On Google Analytics

1. If you do not have a Google Analytics account, create one by following these steps.

2. Create the tag that will be used on our site and on your widget or shopping cart if you are using these options.


You can directly put in your tracking codes on: 

  • Your event. The data collected will therefore be on this particular event.

  • Your account in general. In this case, the tracking codes will automatically appear on all your events.

On One Event

  1. Once connected to the Event Manager, select the event of your choice and click the Report tab.

2. Enter your ID in the Web Analytics Services corresponding section (Google Analytics).

3. Choose in between All Pages or Confirmation page only to generate relevant statistics related to your goals. Which means, do you want to collect information on all the people who visit the page or your shopping cart/widget, or only those who buy for your events?

On Your Account

  1. Once connected to the Event Manager, select the Accounts tab and then Organizations.

2. Under Web Analytics Services, click on +Add Web Analytics Service

3. Enter the needed information here so that the tracking codes are automatically put on all the events that you will create from this point forward.

By logging into your Google Analytics account, you will be able to analyze various data collected on our site and your shopping cart/widget. With this information, you have the potential to improve your sales, better understand your customer base, and build customer loyalty.

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