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How to Display Your Event on our Media Partner's Websites
How to Display Your Event on our Media Partner's Websites

Advertise, promote and share your event in the media.

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Display your event on our media partners’ websites

One of Thepointofsale’s missions is to simplify how organizers/promoters publicize information regarding their events. The marketing and success of your event are inevitably tied to the visibility and reach of your different communications strategies. 

With the “Publishing” feature, which is available in the “Publication” tab each time you create an event, you may automatically notify our partnering content publishers who have chosen to receive information regarding events such as yours. By doing so, you avoid having to send out a press release that risks going unnoticed. 

  1. In the “Events” section, click on “My Events” and select your event. 

  2. In the “Publication” tab, select the media partners that you wish to share the information regarding your event with. 

  3.  Some media partners allow you to have a shopping cart embedded to their platform. You may provide them with remuneration if a sale is made on their site, thus encouraging them to publicize your event. 

  4. will send an email to the chosen media’s editorial team. Once the message has been sent, you will be able to see the date and time that it was sent. 

  5. At the end of your ticket sales, if sales were made through the selected media’s sites, you will receive an invoice for remuneration owed.

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