If a ticket buyer contacts you to add a ticket or to modify an order, you may do so using the “Archives” feature, as long as your organization made the transaction offline through the “Box Office” feature. If the transaction was made online, on Thepointofsale.com, on your website via a widget or a shopping cart, you must contact Thepointofsale.com in order to make modifications. 

Here’s what to do if the transaction was processed by your team offline:

Adding a ticket (or tickets)

  1. In the “Orders” section, click on “Archives”.

  2. If the person gives you their six-digit order number, enter it in the field provided for this purpose, making sure that their date of purchase is included in the indicated time period. If they do not have their order number, click on “More options” and use their name or email address to search for the order. 

  3. Once you have found the order, click on either the name of the person or the order number. 

  4. In the “Tickets” section, beneath the “Buyer’s Information” section, click on the “+ Add Ticket” button. 

5. In the dialog window that opens, select the event information. If the event has reserved seating, you will be able to see which seats have already been selected in the order, so that you may choose adjacent seats. The seats that have already been purchased as part of the order will appear in yellow in the seating plan. 

6. Click on “Save”.

7. Make sure that you have selected the same delivery method as the other tickets in the order. If necessary, you can modify it by ticking the box next to the ticket to be modified and clicking on the “Delivery Option” button. 

8. A yellow strip will appear above the “Tickets” section. Be sure to process the payment for the amount of the difference and to indicate the method of payment by clicking on the “Payment” button. 

9. Send the order confirmation email to the buyer so that they know that the modification has been made. If necessary, resend them their e-tickets.

10. For your internal archives, in the “Notes” section, located under “Order Costs”, you may note the date that the order was modified as well as the reason why it was modified.

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