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How to Cancel an Order Placed Online
How to Cancel an Order Placed Online

Cancel tickets, refund and cancel an order.

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At any time, you may cancel an order to free up tickets. However, in order to refund the order, you must contact's team, and they will process the refund. The decision of whether or not an order should be refunded is entirely up to you. 

If you use your own merchant account, you will be able to make the refund yourself. However, you will not be able to reimburse the box office fees.

Here’s how to cancel an order: 

  1. In the Orders section, click on Archives.

  2. If the person gives you their seven-digit order number, enter it in the field provided for this purpose, making sure that their date of purchase is included in the indicated time period. If they do not have their order number, click on More options and use their name or email address to search for the order.

  3. Once you have found the order, click on either the name of the person or the order number.

  4. In the Tickets section, beneath the Buyer’s Information section, tick the boxes next to the tickets to be cancelled. 

  5. Click on Cancel.

  6. In the dialog box that appears, tick the boxes next to the costs that you would like to refund, or leave them unchecked if you do not wish to refund them. 

  7. Click on Save

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