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Sell on Your Website with a Purchase Window

To get the purchase window (widget), you must enter the codes available in the "Integration" tab of your event.

  1. Go to your event page in the management tool.

2. Under the "Embed" tab, you'll find all the settings for your Purchase window.

3. Depending on your choices, the code to integrate will be modified. Simply place this line of code into your site's code in the "body".

Purchase Window for Event Groups

Have you created an event group and want to sell your events directly on your site? You will find the code to integrate in the "Events" section, "Events group" subsection of our management tool.

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of the "Edit" button and select "Links".

  2. Copy the code for your purchase window and paste it into the "body" of your site.

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