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How to Link Your PayPal Merchant Account
How to Link Your PayPal Merchant Account
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If you would like to link an external merchant account, contact our team at

After logging into Events Manager, go to the Finance module and click Merchant Accounts. Click Add Merchant Account at the top right of the page.
Under Processor, choose Paypal.

Log in to your Paypal account via their platform.
You will need only one information for the integration: your email used with your Paypal Business account.

Back in Events Manager, enter your email. Indicate which name will be displayed on your customers' credit card statement and choose whether you want this account to be used for all your events or not.

Before you leave, click Save

If you have questions about a Paypal Business account creation or for any information directly related to your merchand account, please contact Paypal.

Several customers have encountered issues with processing company credit cards with this merchant account. Take this fact into account when choosing your merchant accound if the customers of your events use these type of cards. It could save you from many payment issues.

Please note that Paypal payments using the Box Office toll is impossible.

If you slection integrated payment in the box office, the payment will be processed through's merchant account.

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