How to View Validations That Have Been Made

View validations report, validate tickets, validation history.

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During your event

You can see the number of participants entering your site in real time by looking at the green progress bar at the bottom of the app’s validation screen.

After your event

Following your event, we recommend reviewing the validation report in the management tool. It will give you more information and the data is displayed in a simpler way.

  1. In the Reports section, click on Validations.

  2. Select the account, the event group, the event, the rates and the users. 

  3. Click on Display. You will see the number of validated tickets and the number of attendees on site (those who have not been validated as exits following their entry) as well as a graphic showing the entry and exit times.

Reset entries

The Reset button is used to clear all validations to ensure that the same barcode can be validated again. This option can be very convenient for a multi-day event that requires the same single ticket or passport.

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