There are three ways of dealing with this situation: the Attendee List on our app, through Archives on our website, and by printing a will call list ahead of your event.

Attendee List

By far, the easiest way of validating a ticket with only the buyer's personal information. 

On your validating device, open your event and click Validate Passes. Choose the List option on the top bar. In the list, you can search an attendee by the first or last name, or by the name of their Organization. 

Archives in Events Manager

1. Click on Orders and open Archives

2. Click on “More Options” and enter the person’s name. Make sure that the listed period includes the beginning of your event's sales. 

3. Click on Search. You should find the person’s order. If you do not find it, check the spelling. You may also want to search using their email. Make sure the order was made under the person's name. If you still can't find the order, the person most likely did not purchase their ticket with

You may also recover the full list of buyers under Tickets and Will-Call.

Printed Will Call List

If access to a computer and the internet is not possible during your event, it is prudent to print out the Will Call List. You can choose to print only those who have selected the Will Call option, or have the full list of buyers.

  1. In the Tickets section, click on Will-Call.

  2. Select your event, all rates and all delivery options that need to be included on the list. Don't forget Complimentary Tickets, Picked Up Tickets, and Printed Tickets if you want the full list.

  3. Click on Search.

  4. Download and print your personalized list. 

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