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Rates Tab - Setting Up Payments

What is the difference in between using Merchant account and a personal Merchant account?

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Using Our Merchant Account vs Yours merchant account

By using our merchant account, we collect the buyers' payments for your event and give you the funds on the Monday following the end of your event. (If that Monday is a holiday, it will be the following business day.)
You can choose if you prefer a bank transfer or a check.

In case of a cancelled event
As we will have the funds related to the event in our account, our team will refund your customers in case of a major issue (after getting your authorization).

Transaction Fee
When you use our merchant account, you may decide to pay the transaction fees or leave them for the buyers by checking the option you prefer.
To do this, click the Rates tab when you are in your event.

Your own Merchant Account

If you would like to link an external merchant account, contact our team at

By using your own merchant account, you will have access to your funds in real time. Several companies offer this service. supports many, read the article on how to link your merchant account to learn more.

In case of a cancelled event
As stated in our terms of use, you will have 5 (business) days following the cancellation of the event to reimburse all buyers.

Transaction Fee
Each merchant account company offers different transaction fees. You will have to pay the transaction fees as agreed with your merchant account company. will not add any transaction fees.

Note that it is not possible to add the transaction fee to the buyers' bill when using your own merchant account. However, you can add an Organizer Fee to cover the amount you will have to pay.

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