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Rates Tab - Delivery Options
Rates Tab - Delivery Options

Delivery by mail, e-ticket, tickets at the door, guestlist, shipping fees.

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Delivery Options

It is preferable to select various options in order to allow buyers the freedom of choice.

Will Call (at the door)
Select this option if you would like for buyers to be able to retrieve their tickets at the door on the day of the event, upon presentation of their credit card. A list of names will be emailed to you when sales of all of the different tickets rates for your event have ended. You may also retrieve this list by clicking on “Will-Call” in the “Tickets” section. 

By Mail
Select this option if you would like to offer delivery by mail to your buyers. will take care of sending the tickets by mail. This service is offered FREE OF CHARGE to promoters, but is charged to ticket buyers. Ten working days prior to the event, delivery by mail is automatically deactivated and no longer available. 

Note: If you wish to mail physical items to your ticket buyers, for example, bracelets or documentation, ask’s team for a quote on custom mail. 

Select this option if you would like to offer this service to your buyers.

Note: If you select e-tickets, we recommend the use of a validator or our free downloadable iOS or Android app. For synchronized functioning with various points of entry, you must have a stable and reliable internet connection. 

Note: If you choose e-tickets, we recommend that you plan for an access to your Events Manager, because buyers could forget to print their tickets or have problems downloading them on their phones. You can retrieve their tickets by clicking on “Will-Call” in the “Tickets” section. Include electronic tickets in your search, display the barcodes for your event and launch the search. You can then validate their barcodes on the screen.

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