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Rates Tab - Quantities and Capacity
Rates Tab - Quantities and Capacity

Manage capacity, see the number of sold tickets, consigned tickets, complimentary tickets and tickets available.

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To save the information in the “Rates” tab, you must absolutely enter a number under “Capacity” for a general admission event. 

Enter the total quantity per type of ticket, including the number of tickets you wish to print for physical sales. 

Capacity Reserve
This space is used to set aside a variable quantity of tickets. Choose if you want to block tickets (Sole Quantity) or limit the access to a certain number of users in your Organization. You may increase or decrease the reserves at any time. The number of tickets printed for physical sales will NOT be subtracted from the reserve, but from the overall event capacity. Read more about Capacity Reserve here.

Represents the total of this type of ticket sold online.
The Sold box will automatically change when online transactions are made and the numbers in the Consigned and Comps boxes will automatically change if modifications are made by the organizer elsewhere in the Events Manager. You cannot change these boxes in the “Rates” tab. 

Represents the number of tickets that you have printed. 

Represents the number of complimentary tickets that you added in the “Complimentary Tickets” tab of the “Tickets” section or that you have physically printed. This option is only available for general admission seating.

Represents the quantity that is still available for this type of ticket (capacity - reserve - sold - consigned - comps = available).

Minimum quantity per order
Enter the minimum amount of tickets that a buyer can order. 

Maximum quantity per order
Enter the maximum amount of tickets that a buyer can order. 

Note: We recommend a maximum of 10 tickets per order, to prevent buyers from adding the entire capacity of a ticket rate to their order, thus blocking presales. 

Use as master capacity
This field will only appear if you have more than one type of ticket for the same event in “General Admission” mode. Select “Yes” if you wish to share this ticket’s capacity with other types of tickets. Be sure to indicate the total capacity of your venue in this ticket rate’s “Capacity” field. 

Sales affect the master capacity and vice versa
This field will appear on the types of tickets that are not selected as the master capacity and that are in “General Admission” mode. Select “Yes” if you would like to subtract the sales of this type of ticket from the total of the master capacity. The availability of this type of ticket can never surpass the availability of the master capacity. 

Note: This feature allows you to simultaneously sell various types of tickets without having to manage the market demand. If you have a student price, a VIP price and a regular price, our system will favor the sale of the type of tickets that is in the highest demand without ever surpassing the total capacity of your event. You can also limit the available quantity by type of ticket. 

Example: Your venue can contain a maximum of 500 people, but you would like to offer your customers a regular price, a student price and a VIP price. Enter a capacity of 500 tickets for the tickets at the regular price and select the “Use as master capacity” option for this type of ticket. You would like to limit the availability of VIP tickets to 100 and of student tickets to 200. During your first week of sales, you sold 60 tickets at the VIP price, 120 tickets at the student price and 220 tickets at the regular price. There will thus remain a total of 100 tickets available in the master capacity at the regular price and maximums of 40 tickets at the VIP price and 80 tickets at the student price. 

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