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Rates Tab - Costs, Fees and Display Options
Rates Tab - Costs, Fees and Display Options

Determine the costs of different rates, service fees, producer fees, taxes.

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Costs (including taxes)

Unit Price
Enter the amount that you wish to receive for each type of ticket. The price must include taxes. The network’s service fees will be added to this amount. 

Service Fee
The amount of the service fee charged to buyers appears here automatically. 

Producer Fee
Add the producer fee here. These fees will be added to your payment, but will not appear on the report that you receive by email. 

Represents the total of the ticket price, the service fee and the producer fee, meaning the amount that buyers will pay for each ticket.

Display Options

Display as a complementary option
In order to use this option, you must have at least two different ticket rates. If you select this option, this type of ticket will only be available to buyers who already have another type of ticket for your event in their cart. 

Example: Select “Add-On” if you wish to offer your buyers a discounted item (like a t-shirt or a meal), but do not want buyers to be able to purchase the discounted item on its own.

Display number of remaining tickets
If you select this option, the number of tickets still available for each type of ticket will appear on your event page. 

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