Rates Tab - Restrictions
Create rates with required passwords or secret web address, exclusive sale for Facebook, preselected email addresses, private URL rates.
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You can add as many passwords as you like for the same type of ticket, and you can also limit the maximum quantity of tickets available for each password. The passwords suggested by our system can be modified, allowing you to identify the people who made the sale. For example, if you give password XYZ to a reseller and 20 buyers use this same password, you will know that the sales were stimulated by this reseller. 

On the customer side, on the page of your event, they will see a small padlock with a field to enter their password.

Secret URL

The ticket rate will only be accessible through this secret web address, which you may include in an email newsletter, for example. The rate will not appear in the purchase window, shopping cart, or on Thepointofsale.com.

Email Addresses

Would you like to offer a special rate to members of a club or employees of a certain company? By choosing the “Email Addresses” option, it is possible to do so. Only people that have an email address belonging to the same domain may purchase a ticket at this special rate. For example, only those who have emails ending in “@ubisoft.com” may purchase these particular tickets.  Others will get the following error message :

Do you have several possible email addresses that all end with the same value? (Ex. xyz@fun.gouv.ca, xyz@drole.gouv.ca, xyz@joke.gouv.ca) All you need to do is enter * (asterisk) followed by the value which does not change. In the previous example, it would be " *gouv.ca"

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