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What is Cross Revenue?
What is Cross Revenue?

Hotel and Parking Reservations that Earn you More Money

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Cross revenues are an effective and easy way to create additional income for your organization by providing additional service to your customers.
By cross revenue we mean the income generated when someone buying for your event purchases an additional product on our platform.

What do the integration look like?

Will buyers be able to make their choices on future communications?

A: No! Currently, the only possible time to reserve parking or accommodations is when purchasing passes.

How will our buyers be informed on their selections?

A: Our partners will take care of sending relevant communications to your buyers. For example, if an hotel is booked, a confirmation with all details such as address, booking number and other information will be sent by the establishment.

How can I view sales statistics and which statistics can I see?

A: The statistics will be available in the report that is sent automatically by email at the end of the sale. It is also possible to consult them via our management tools.

Do the revenues appear in my event report? Can I make them disappear?

A: Yes, your earnings will appear in your sale report. You can, at all times, export an event report that does not include your cross revenue vie the Events tab. Search for your event and click the down arrow. Select Report. Uncheck the box cross revenue and confirm.

How can I disable the option?

A: To disable the cross revenue tool, select the Organization section in the Accounts tab. Then uncheck the product you wish to eliminate. You can reactivate them when you want.

What are the revenues?

A: You will receive the following earnings:

  • Hotel: 3.50$ per reservation.

  • Parking: 1$ per reservation.

If my event is canceled, but a reservation is claimed, do I receive my due?

A: Yes, you will receive your money no matter what.

Am I penalized for canceled reservations?

A: The terms and conditions of the different institutions will be applied. In some cases, you may not receive any earnings.

If I authorize a ticket cancellation or a change of date, will my client be able to modify his parking or hotel reservations? Will he pay a fee?

A: Since the transaction takes place between your client and the selected institution, the exchange or refund policies of the partners apply. Your client will be informed at the time of booking.

Please note that parking reservations are not available at this time. Thank you!

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