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Credit Note: Amount owing to a customer for online ticket sales.

Organizers' income: Amount from ticket sales online including organizer's taxes.

  • Thepointofsale.com's taxes charged on the service free do not appear on the credit note. Thepointofsale.com declares its own taxes on the service charge.


Ticket price (including taxes) = $28.74

Service charge (including taxes) = $1.14

Total ticket price (including taxes) = $29.88 corresponding to the price displayed at the time of purchase.

* If the organizer adds an Organizer fee, that fee is also taxable

Amount retained by Thepointofsale.com = $ 0.99 + taxes corresponding to the amount of the service charge ($1.14).

Amount awarded to the organizer = $ 25.00 + taxes. The organizer receives a total amount of $ 28.74 per ticket.

Why do negative taxes appear on my credit?

No taxes are charged to the organizer on a credit note. On the other hand, it is possible that "negative taxes" are deducted from your income at the bottom of the credit note.

These "negative taxes" correspond to applicable taxes on expenses. For example, an organizer may have chosen to absorb transaction fees, have tickets printed, or rent equipment for their event.


Online sale (including taxes) = $28.74

5 impressions = 5 x $0.20 + taxes = $1.00 + taxes = $1.15

Sub-total = $28.74 - $1.00 = $27.74

GST applicable on the printing fee = - $0.05

QST applicable on the printing fee = - $0.10

Total credit = $27.59

Remember, your invoice will be deducted from any invoice linked to a service rendered by Thepointofsale.com which remains unpaid (for example the rental of equipment, the presence of an employee on site, the costs of badges, bracelets, and others).

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