Capacity Reserves

How to create Capacity Reserves, assign them to users, change quantities, and use them in the Box Office

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Capacity Reserves are an important tool for teams managing multiple groups each entitled to tickets (media, artist, producer, etc.) or for those who have to put a changing number of seats aside.

Creating a Capacity Reserve

In the Events Manager, select the Accounts module and then Organizations. Scroll down to the Capacity Reserves section.

Select Add Capacity Reserve and name your reserve. If the reserve is available to all your users, leave the Restrictions space to All Users and simply click Save.

If your new Capacity Reserve is only available to certain members of your organization, choose who will have access through the drop-down menu.

** Please note that the Organization Owner has access to all the reserves created in his/her organization. **

Assigning a ticket quantity to a reserve for an event

To assign a quantity to a reserve, go to the event and click the Rates tab.

You can find the Capacity Reserves under Quantities. By clicking in the box under Reserve, you can assign quantities to the reserves created previously or choose the Capacity Without Access.

Account Capacity Reserves

Assign quantities to the reserves that you have created.

Capacity Without Access

Assign a quantity to the Capacity Without Access to block a number of seats. This reserve will not be available to use in the Box Office.

Sell tickets placed in Capacity Reserve

In the Box Office, find your event and click on the number indicated in reserve as shown on the image below.

There, the user can see the reserves to which he/she has access (which can be changed in the section Accounts> Organizations> Capacity Reserve as explained above).

Adjust the quantity on the right and proceed to the payment (if needed) as usual.

** In case of cancelled transactions containing Capacity Reserve tickets, the tickets  will become available online for all. They will not return by default to the reserve. **

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