It is possible to use our validation application without being connected to the internet.
However, it is necessary to prepare for it.

First, be sure to sign in on each of the validation devices you will be using before your event. You will need a reliable internet connection for this.

Log in to your account and open your event to automatically download the information needed.

If you use the list as a validation method, you must open it (by selecting the tab list) while being connected to the internet to download its contents.

Please note: if you have multiple devices, communication will not occur between them if they are not connected to the internet. Which means the same ticket could be validated several times.

In the App

In the Settings, you can modify the "Primary data source".

When choosing the Offline mode, the app won't be trying to connection to a network, allowing the device to focus on offline validation.

In addition, the data synchronization on the device requires internet. This means that if a ticket has been sold a few minutes after the last time your device has last been connected to the internet, this ticket can not be validated by your device.

After your event, connect to an internet network and re-enter your event so that the verification information related to your device is reflected in the validation report.

In any case, be aware that it is possible to connect your validation device to share data with your personal cell phone. Our application uses very little data and this option may simplify your life.

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