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How Can I Install a Label Printer?
How Can I Install a Label Printer?

Instructions for installing a label printer for cockades & badges

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Please follow the instructions below to complete the installation of your label printer. Please note that the printer is only compatible with Windows. The same steps apply if you have a TSC-TTP-245C printer.

Check your material. You should find these items in the box:

  • A printer

  • A power cord

  • USB cable

  • An installation cd (you won’t need it)

Connecting the printer and placing labels sheet properly

Connect the printer to your computer and plug the power cord into an outlet. Leave the printer off.

Open the printer cover by pushing on the two green cranks on the sides and lift the cover.

Take out the paper support and insert the label roll. Pass the labels in the turquoise and black guides and adjust them so that they are just tight enough for the label to glide smoothly, without any friction. Pass the label until the border of the first label is on the rubber roll.

Close the printer. The first label should stick out of the printer.

Turn on the printer with the power button on the back.

Download & install the following programs

Configuring Printing Settings

Open the Printer setup folder that you have downloaded and unzipped.

Go to the Devices section of your Windows Settings and click on Printers and Scanners in the left menu.

Click the TSC TDP-247 printer icon, click Manage, and then click Printer Properties.

Go to the Tools tab, click Driver Option, and click Import. In the printer setup file downloaded at the beginning, select the file etiquettes.sds.

Then click OK and Apply.

Return to the printer's Manager menu and click Printing Preferences.

On the layout tab, in the "media" box, check if there is one of the sizes with the dimensions 76.0 mm x 76.0 mm. If the format does not exist, click New to create it. Leave the strip width exposed to 1.3 mm left and right.

In the Media tab, in the Media Handling section, Post Print Action, select Use Printer Settings.

Then go to the printer setup folder and double click Diagtool_V163.

Click on Load on the Diagtool_V163 tool then select config label 3 inches.dcf.

Click Set and then Recover.

Click the button near the green, orange, or red light on the printer. The label should come out and automatically stand on the dotted line and should be ready to tear.

Turn off the printer. Press and hold the feed button on the top of the printer. Turn on the printer by keeping the "feed" button pressed and keep an eye on the indicator light. It will change from orange to green, to orange before flashing red. Release the "feed" button immediately after the third red flash. The printer should let some labels through before coming to a stop.

Printing test

Go to Events Manager on to print the label of one of your participants.

  • Go to the Orders section of the left menu and click on the Archives module.

  • Select your event and press Search to view the results.

  • Select one of the orders by checking the line associated with it.

  • Click on Participant Labels at the bottom of the page

When the Google print window appears, be sure to select the TSC TDP-247 printer and the following settings are correct

  • Layout: Landscape

  • Paper size: User

  • Margins: None

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department (581-981-8686 or if you have any questions about installing a TSC TDP-247 printer.

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