How to Add an Organizer Fee

Add a fee to your tickets to absorb certain costs that will be passed on to your buyers

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You can create an Organizer Fee on your Organization account, which means the fee will be applied to all your events.*


You can create a specific organizer fee for one of your events, which means the fee will be applied to the selected event only.

*On all your events created after creating the charge to your account.

Add an Organizer fee to your account

1. First, go to your account by clicking Accounts and then Organizations on the left menu.

2. Scroll down until you see the Organizer Fee Structures section.

3. Click on + Add Fee Structure to make this window appear. 

4. In Template name, name of the fee you are creating. You may have different Organizer fees that will be available for your events.
5. Choose whether this new Organizer fee will be your default fee or not. By selecting Yes, you will put this fee on all the events created from this point on.
6. Fill in the different sections according to your needs.

  • Starting from  indicates the minimum amount on which your fee will be applied. In the examples (below), the initial amount is $0.01. We strongly recommend that you never put $0 here. Otherwise, your fee will be added to all your free tickets, $0 promotion, and other freebies.

  • Online  includes all sales made online through our website, shopping cart and widget. All of these sales go through a credit card processor and already require a merchant account whose fees may vary from company to company.

  • Box Office  Indicate here if you want the fee to be applied for transactions made through our Box Office tool. These transactions can be in cash or go through a payment processing device that already has, for example, transaction fees. For this reason, Examples 1 and 2 do not apply the Organize fee on Box Office transactions.

  • Phone  Indicate here if you want a charge to be added on telephone transactions made by an agent.

  • Consigned  Indicate here whether you want your charge to be applied to bills. Tickets on deposit are tickets that you have printed in advance and sell directly

  • + Add Range  Click this option when your fee differs depending on the amount in the order. Often used for fixed fees. In Example 2 you can see that to avoid a $1.50 charge on a ticket under $10, two price ranges have been created.

Example 1

Example 2

If your Organizer fee was for all your events and therefore you have set it by default, you do not have to go to the next section. If you need to assign the fee to an event, follow the steps below.

Add an Organizer Fee to a Specific Event

Two ways to associate an organizer fee with an event:

  1. By adding a fee structure to your account (see above). This method is highly recommended if you plan to use the fee more than once.

  2. By adding a fee directly into the event. Unique use.

To add your fee,

  1. First, click Events and My Events. Then look for the event on which you want to add an Organizer fee.

2. In the Rates tab, in the Costs section, click in the window under the Organizer fees.

3. Under Organizer Fees, select either Fee Structures (if you have previously created a fee in your account) or Custom Fees (for a unique fees) in the drop-down menu.

3.1 In choosing Fee Structures, you will have access to the previously created fee templates and will be able to select which one(s) is/are applicable for your event.

3.2 In choosing Custom Fees, you will be able to create a custom Organizer fee for the event you are in.

Here! You have added an Organizer fee to your tickets.

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