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What is the Marketing and Advertising Offer of
What is the Marketing and Advertising Offer of

Digital marketing strategy, web banners, newsletters, social media, blog, graphic design, and more!

Written by Émilie Lavoie
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We offer several marketing and advertising services. In this article, find out more about:

  • Our web banners

  • Our blog

  • Our newsletter

  • Our social media

  • Custom video content

  • Custom photo content

  • Our marketing strategy service

Web Banners

Did you know that we have more than 2,000,000 visitors on our website per year?

What could you do with this kind of visibility?

We offer different types of web banners:

  • Scrolling Geotargeted Banner. These banners are situated at the top of our home page where they easily attract the attention of visitors. (Dimensions: 500x281 pixels). Targeted according to where your buyers are!

  • Category Banner (displayed to all visitors). These banners are separated into three categories: Best Sellers, Featured This Month, and Promotions. They are located on our home page under the scrolling geotargeted banners. (Dimensions: 1152x648 pixels).

  • Sub-category Banner (displayed to all visitors). These banners work just like category banners, but are smaller and located under the category banners. (Dimensions: 1152x648 pixels).

Social Media

Social media is essential to maximize sales and optimize the visibility of your events.
Use's social media to promote your events and take advantage of our digital advertising placement expertise.

Take a look at our Facebook Page and our Instagram Page!


Since its launch in 2010, has gathered a large number of customers who receive our newsletters to help them find the best upcoming events according to their preferences.
All our newsletters take into account demographic profile, geographic location, online shopping habits, and buyers interests.


Take advantage of our professional writers to create a blog post that will captivate your potential buyers and support your promotional efforts. Available in French, English, or both!

Custom Video Content

Do you want to present your event differently? Trust us with the production and distribution of your promotional video for content that's dynamic and fun!

Custom Photo Content

Let us take care of the photo coverage of your event and make sure you get professional results tailored to your style!

Marketing Strategy Service

Marketing at is not just a set of tools at your fingertips. It is also a consulting service adapted to your situation, your budget, and your needs!
Feel free to contact me at for more information.

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