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What are SEO and keywords?

Organic or natural SEO, or simply called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is a fundamental key to any success on the Web. It inures potential customers will find your event when they search on engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Get better SEO thanks to the keywords found in the texts and titles describing your event, but also to the "hidden" ones in the code of the page. (We say hidden because they are only visible to search engines and invisible to users).

Thanks to its many years on the Web, Thepointofsale.com makes great and efficient SEO easy without any needed actions from you. However, if you want to manually add keywords that are not necessarily found in your event description or your titles, write them in the space dedicated to this purpose.

  • First, go to your event.

  • Then, in the Publication tab, you will find the section called Search Tools.

  • In the box, enter the keywords related to your event.

Pro Tip. For better referencing, do not duplicate words that are already in your titles or event description. Add only the words that are missing as synonyms of important words.

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