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You have created your Thepointofsale.com account, but you did not enter your tax numbers in the registration form? It is possible to add them to your account afterwards.

Adding tax numbers to your account will ensure that taxes will be displayed correctly on your event's tickets, as well as being correctly detailed in your sales report.

Here is how to add your tax numbers to your organization profile.

  1. Go to the Accounts section of the left-hand menu and then to the Organizations module;

  2. In the Applicable Taxes section, click on the pencil next to GST to enter your number;

  3. Select Yes next to GST and enter your GST number. Click Save;

  4. Repeat the same process for QST.

Note: The tax number nomenclature is as follows:

GST: The GST registration number consists of 15 characters: nine numbers, followed by the letters RT and four more numbers. E.g., 000000000RT0001

QST: The QST registration number consists of 16 characters: ten numbers, followed by the letters TQ and four more numbers. E.g., 0000000000TQ0001


  • When you create an event, taxes are included in the unit cost of your ticket.

  • If you add the tax numbers while the sale of your event is ongoing, make sure to adjust the unit cost of your ticket.

  • Adding tax numbers does not mean adding taxes to the unit cost.

At all times, make sure to verify the adjustments are consistent with your request.

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