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Automatic Subscription to your Mailchimp Mailing Lists
Automatic Subscription to your Mailchimp Mailing Lists

How to Automatically Add Buyer's Emails to Your Mailchimp Newsletter Lists

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As soon as a buyer of one of your events accepts to receive your promotional communications, you can automatically add them to your Mailchimp mailing list. You will simply need the API key and List ID.

For the moment, only the company Mailchimp is supported. If you use another company and you would like us to add it, contact us so that we can assess the integration process.

To create a webhook you must first: 

1- Go to Settings tab and select Webhooks.

2- Click on + Create a webhook

3- Under Type, choose Mailchimp subscription.

4- Under Language, choose the language of your choice.

5- Select Default webhook if you want to automatically add the webhook to all the events you create in the future.

6- Under Options, add your API key and Mailchimp list ID. To find these information, we recommend this article from Mailchimp.

If you don't have the right information, the webhook will not working! For your information, an API key is a long series of letters and numbers, while the Audience ID is a short series of letters and numbers (10 characters). Here is an example :

7- Under Events, choose all the events for which you want to add the customer's email to your Mailchimp list.

Please note that webhooks are not retroactive.

The webhook will only work on orders placed after its implementation.

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