With each new order of your event, receive a copy of the confirmation email the buyer receives. This webhook is often used for events which need a closer follow-up or when an organizer must absolutely be informed of a new sale or registration. It prevents the event manager from having to log on to the platform constantly to see all of the new orders.

  1. In the left menu, go to Settings tab and select Webhooks.

  2. Click on + Create a webhook

  3. If you manage more than one organization, choose the one you want to create a webhook for

  4. In the Information section, select the following fields that meet your needs.

    Type : choose Copy of confirmation email.

    Language: choose in which language you want to receive the confirmation. Default webhook : check this box if you want to automatically add the webhook to all the events you create in the future.

  5. Under Options, add the email which will receive the copy of confirmation email as well as the name of the person. You can add more than one using the little +.

  6. In the Events section, select the events for which you want to receive a copy of the confirmation email by clicking on the + add button.

Please note that webhooks are not retroactive.

The webhook will only work on orders placed after its implementation.

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