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Automatically Sending Tax Receipts for a Fundraising Event
Automatically Sending Tax Receipts for a Fundraising Event

Article for organizers with an organization number and wanting to automatically send a donation / charity receipt

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For those organizing charity events issuing donation receipts, as long as you have an charity organization number, you can automatically send donation / charity receipts following purchase for your event.

First of all, we strongly recommend that you read this article fully detailing what a charitable donation receipt is, the amounts that are applicable (essential!), the rules surrounding the issuance of this type of receipt, and more.

1- Go to Settings tab and select Webhooks.

2- Click on + Create a webhook

3- Enter your organization.

4- Under Type, choose Sending Charitable Tax Receipt.

5- Under Language, choose the language in which the receipt will be sent. 

6- Select Default webhook if you want to automatically add the webhook to all the events you create in the future.

7- Under Options, you will need to add any information necessary for the creation of the electronic receipt. It is very important to pay attention to the selection of the receipt's recipient (buyer or participant?) And the amount which will by default be the non-taxable tickets amount put in the system.

8- Under Events, choose all the events for which you want to send a charitable tax receipt.

9- IMPORTANT! You will receive an email at the address entered under "sender email address" to authorize us to send receipts from your email. It is essential to click on the link inside this email WITHIN 24 HOURS following receipt. Or we simply will not be able to send your receipts.

Please note that webhooks are not retroactive.

The webhook will only work on orders placed after its implementation.

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