How to Look Like a Pro Live

Decor, framing, attitude. All the advice for a live virtual event / stream that highlights you in the best way

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This article offers some tips for a professional look whether it's your first live video or your one thousandth.


According to our pros in the field of live video (streaming): almost 80% of the quality of a live video is based on sound quality alone! If do not have good sound equipment, it might be worth shopping!

Pro Tip
Speaking of audio, do not forget to avoid filming in a place that is too noisy and above all turn off your notifications on your computer and cell phone!


To avoid having a dead zone, in other words, a lifeless section, we recommend the rule of thirds. Separate your video by two horizontal lines at thirds of your image and by two vertical lines, again, at thirds of your image. Aim for the intersections of two lines. These are strengths where the eye will naturally look.

Pro Tip
Avoid movement!
A tripod can help you prevent camera movements which are to be avoided.
Nevertheless, you must also think of the movement in front of the camera. Your movements cause pixels to be constantly changing which can affect the quality of your video. Thus, a simple background without too much movement (avoid animals, light games, or dance troupe as a background) is recommended.


While the sound of your live video is the most important thing, you should not overlook the visual aspect of your video. A decor's power is to associate your organization with what the customer sees. What do you want your decor to say about you?

Speaking of organization, take advantage of your decor to show off its personality. Does your guitar collection make everyone envious? Do you offer cooking lessons and your oven is your great-grandmother's wedding present? Do you give training in video editing and have several posters of your favorite films? Make it your decor! It's time to include objects that demonstrate who you and your organization are. The only limit is that you must remain the center of attention and not make your background steal the show.

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