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How to Adapt Your Seating Map to Social Distancing
How to Adapt Your Seating Map to Social Distancing

How to skip seats to allow more space in between clients.

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In order to comply with local law regarding social distancing rules and to ensure the safety of your customers, you can assign distancing rules to your seating maps. These will apply automatically depending on what your customers select.

In addition, you can modify these rules and create several rulesets for the same map.

These seats will be represented with stripes, and the tooltip will indicate the reason why they are disabled, which also reassures ticket buyers no one else can take the seats around them, promising social distancing.

How to apply social distancing rules

1. Find the seat map you want to apply social distancing rules to under Venues > Seat Maps in the Event manager.

2. Click on the number under the column named social distancing rules of the map to which you want to add rules.

3. Click on + Create ruleset

4. You can, on this page :

  • Name your Ruleset which is only used to refer to it internally.

  • Disabled seats to the sides: the number of seats to disable to the left and right of a selected seat.

  • Disable seats in front and behind: will disable the nearest seat on the row in front and behind the selected seat. On interlaced rows, two seats on the row ahead and behind will be disabled instead.

  • Disabled aisle seats: disables seats on each end of a row. Some seats can be manually opted out of this rule (as explained later).

  • Enable maximum group size: if on, it will limit how many people can sit together, as long they are booking together (have to be in the same order).

  • Maximum group size: indicate in this box the maximum number of people who can sit next to each other (have to be in the same order).

5. Preview your changes. By clicking directly in the map to the right of the menu, you can view the impact of the rules you have just created. In short, you will see what your customers will see.

(Optional) Manually deactivate seats.

In Select mode, choose manually disable seats to make certain seats manually unavailable.

You can also make seats available manually by choosing, under Select mode, manually enable seats.

6. Save your rules by clicking Apply changes at the bottom right of the plan.

7. In My Events, select the event for which you want to use this map with its rules.

8. In the Reserved seats tab, select if you want to apply rules to the map of your event and choose the ruleset by the name you have associated it.

9. At the bottom left of the page, click Save.

You will then be able to view all seats blocked due to the application of your rules directly in the Reserved seats tab at the top right.

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