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How to Showcase Your Partners and Sponsors of Your Virtual Event
How to Showcase Your Partners and Sponsors of Your Virtual Event

Advertisements, sponsorships, thank you mentions during your streaming

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This article explores the different means at your disposal to highlight your partners and / or sponsors during your virtual event.

Before the Event

Event Name

You can add the name of your sponsor directly in your event name.


In the Information tab of your event, you can add the name of your presenter which is a good way to showcase your partner or sponsor. Their name will be prominently displayed above the name of your event on your event page, but also on the order confirmation.

Event Description

At the bottom of your event page, the description entered under the Details tab of the event manger is shown. Add a note to thank your sponsors and / or partners!

During the Event


Pre-introducing your video serves two purposes:

  • Add a buffer period allowing latecomers to join the viewing page and create some excitement in the chat section;

  • Post still images or clips that enhance your brand image or provide an opportunity to display an advertisement from your partners that speaks directly to your ticket buyers.


Do not underestimate a sincere thank you for your partner or sponsor coming directly from the artist or the professional showcased during the event. After all, customers bought a ticket to see their content!

Chat space

Put a link to your sponsors or partners through the chat area to attract your viewers to their site and / or products.


Much like the pre-introduction, you can put images or videos at the end of your event to thank your partners and / or sponsors for their support to make this event possible. This will allow you to let the audience interact a bot more with the chat area and, if you are giving a performance, may be a good way to come back live for a curtain call!

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