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How to add a rate as a complementary option (add-on)
How to add a rate as a complementary option (add-on)

Offer a discounted rate, a merchandise product, or offer to make a donation

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Add-on are rates that appear only when a buyer adds a pass of a specific rate to their shopping cart.

Reasons for Add-ons

They are often used to improve your sales.

Since the customer had already selected a product, they are more likely to add another product at their order's next stage.

Here are some uses that we have seen for add-ons:

  • Addition of an amount to transform their pass into "VIP";

  • Merchandise sales (You must however understand that is not an online store, therefore that you will have to take care of inventory management and delivery yourself);

  • Donations: whether it is a green tax, a donation to help a person or a business, buyers are usually more receptive to adding a donation at the end of their transaction;

  • Highlight your other events. If two events reach the same audience, you can offer buyer to make the purchase for both! Maybe offer them at a discount to convince them?

  • Sale of a partner's product, often given upon the customer's arrival at your event (it is easy for you to get out the list of people who bought the price thanks to the list of participants in our application).

How to

1- Create your event and its rates;

2- Then create your additional rate (or rates). All you have to do is select the box under Display Options of the rate that will become your add-on.

On the client side

  • The customer will put their tickets in the basket and click on Payment (normal procedure);

  • They will be taken to the next page where they must enter their personal and payment information. At the top of the page is a summary of the order and the delivery options you have selected. It is just below that the additional price will be displayed:

Add-on are also available if you use our shopping cart:

Or the Purchase Window:

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