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How to send a Buyer's Streaming Link Again
How to send a Buyer's Streaming Link Again

If a buyer has made a mistake in their email or wants it sent to a different email (or perhaps even the same), you can easily do it!

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There are three ways to quickly re-send the streaming link of a customer who requests it: two ways with the Archives module of the event manager and one with application.

Emails containing streaming links are unfortunately sometimes filtered by email providers as spam. Do not forget to mention this to your customers.

Archives Module

We recommend the use of the Archives module if you need information or to make changes in the order. The Archives module is where the most details and features are accessible.

1- Go to the Archives module.

2- Search for the order among the options available. Don't forget to modify the period according to your needs.

3- Once in the desired order, you can modify the buyer's information if the latter has made a mistake when entering their information or wishes to use another email (for example).

Method 1

To re-send the email containing the streaming link, check the box of the desired pass and click on Send e-tickets. The link will automatically be send to the email on file.

Method 2

You can share a link (url) which will open the content of the email by clicking on Link to E-tickets and copying this url to share it.

Be careful! The streaming links for events using as a streaming provider can only be used by a single person at a time. Make sure of the identity of your buyer before sharing this link. App

For an easy method using only the name of your buyer, the participants list of our application is a quick tool and available directly on your phone.

1- From the application, select your event and click Validate passes.

2- Click on the List tab

3- Use the search bar to find the customer and click on their name to open their customer file.

4- Click on the email icon.

5- You can re-send the streaming link (electronic ticket) or the purchase confirmation.

You can also modify the email to send the link to by selecting the email field.

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